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Dimmable LED Panel Book Reading Lamp Eye Protection For Night Reading

Dimmable LED Panel Book Reading Lamp Eye Protection For Night Reading

1. The new lighting structure design, flat panel illumination, accurate design angle, the light is only illuminated in the reading position, especially suitable for reading in bed, does not affect the rest of others, the original light barrier design ensures that the remaining light on the side is no longer missing;
2, more scientific optical design, the light wavelength is close to natural light, the yellowish light environment design is more warm, more suitable for long-time reading without causing eye fatigue; brightness can be clear, dark two-level adjustment, the initial brightness is suitable for reading, The specially designed brightness zone is suitable for close-range lighting when students walk the night;
3, lightweight overall design, easy to turn pages, easy to carry on campus, parks, gardens, dark places to read and learn, and can be used as bookmarks;
4, more energy-saving, battery (No. 7) power supply, sustainable use for more than 60 hours, normal use can be up to one month;
5. The plexiglass panel effectively prevents font distortion, small size, surface shrinkage, halo and so on.


size: 17.6 * 1 * 17.8 cm
Lighting area: 15 cm * 17 cm
Material: PMMA
One 3-cell AAA battery (excluding battery)
Body color: as shown
Applications: Anniversary, awards, business gifts, anniversary celebrations, benefits, etc.

Package Content :

1 x Book Light


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